Truth about Diet & Exercise That Age You

For years I have been eating healthy and exercising in fear of looking old. I thought I was old at the age of 21, because a nineteen year old boy that I went to college with told me so. In our society we are so obsessed with age or should I say not aging. Demi Moore tweets a picture of herself looking great in a bikini, she’s looking great for a woman over 50. Every marketing company uses Christly Brinkley to sell their anti-aging products, to get ordinary aging women to purchase the product. Then ordinary women purchase it and complain that they still look the same. Did you ever think that this is Christly Brinkley’s job? She makes her money on staying youthful. She posts pictures on her Instagram with a body that looks twenty next to Susan Lucci who also looks great. If you look closely, Susan Lucci has fit legs, but they do not look like twenty year old legs. I am happy to see women over 50 who look great, I just wish they were honest about what they really do to look that way. The average women does not have thousands of extra money to pay out every month to look young. I was doing a google search on How to Keep my Skin Firm, when diet and exercise isn’t enough, and that is when I came across an article on about, 8 Diet And Exercise Mistakes That Age you, and as I was reading it I have to disagree with their research.

Cosmetic Surgery

The article says to cut out sugar, caffeine, meats with hormones, dairy products and saturated fats, and incorporate yoga and strength training into your exercise routine. The article was a disappointment, because I have been eating clean for years and my exercise routine includes strength training and yoga. If their research claims to be authentic, then why are my arms and legs losing elasticity as I age? The article also stated that I may not be getting enough of the fatty oils that are good for me. I’ve read hundreds of articles over the years listing foods I should be eating, but I haven’t been successful in finding articles that give me a simple daily meal plan. I don’t have time to spend hours preparing & shopping for difficult food and spices. I do not enjoy cooking, and I tend to grab fruit or pre-made salads to eat. I snack on almonds or dried fruit in-between meals. I am not hungry enough to eat all the food groups on a daily basis. So what is a girl to do?



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