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The Difference Between VR and Real Life

Virtual reality is becoming something less and less of the future and more of the now. Various gaming platforms have already integrated a Virtual reality headset into their gaming consoles, but that's not where it started and that's not where it is going to end. We have been integrating our lives slowly onto a totally different plain of reality, from Facebook to snapchat, there are dozens of ways most of us hop into virtual reality every day. Mark Zuckerberg is taking the technology and pulling us in deeper with the Headsets Virtual Reality Augmentation. He is intrigued by the whole new realm of opportunities and space with an alternate plane. Just like in Pokémon Go you will be able to look through glasses or through your phone's camera and see things that aren't there in the normal reality. Right now it's being tested as a new way to display art where there isn't room normally.

This new integrated reality looks like it is going to give us all a choice to stay where we are or hop into another world, literally. However, like anything there are pros and cons to this new technology being:


Unlimited Learning Potential

Virtual Reality (VR) could bring children a unique way to learn and experience history, and it can bring people closer together. This reality is not something that is like opening up your own personal notebook, it's shared. So if you leave a message in this other plane whoever is also using the augmented reality plain will be able to see it. Think of the unlimited possibilities the virtual world could allow any one of us to see things and be immersed into worlds we never thought were possible. The first example that comes to mind is historical events. There could easily be realities where history is recreated and anyone can experience it accurately. From videos already intact of more modern history to accurate archeological estimates of what an event or location looked like. Just like google maps, but much more inclusive and elaborate there will be ways to see all around the world. Not only does this create an amazing learning and teaching tool, it can act as a bridge for children and adults who are interested in certain topics and events in non (VR) scenariosp

Another large perk from the technology is the disintegration of the language barriers. Technology has already been created that can translate a language instantaneously and the VR world can easily display things in the desired language, making learning about other cultures more fluid.

Better Gaming-Internet Experience

Mark Zuckerberg is trying to create an entirely new world, this will use platforms that everyone already loves. Imagine being able to get on Facebook by putting on a headset or just escaping reality to send your friends unique messages carved into the sand in the Sahara desert. For gaming, if a controller is not enough for you VR is the next step to better the gaming experience. There were hints of this coming for years, like big machines that simulated roller coasters at local science centers or arcades, to the simple home integration with the Wii and Kinect.


Not all Virtual Reality (VR) experiences are physical but some could easily be. Pokémon Go is necessary to walk a lot in order to hatch eggs, but of course driving very slowly also does the same work. Virtual Reality could work like a TV that's essentially pulled its user into its contents and movement remains similar with a controller. The most realistic is when each step is a real step in the game. Real exercise and real fun.

Helping Those Who Are Sick

There are a lot of people stuck in the hospital or within their homes because of limited mobility or an illness. As long as it's a version that is safe for the user, Virtual Reality (VR) can take them all around the world and allow them to interact with others. It could also be helpful for those with xenophobia or anxiety trying to get use to foreign environments.


An Unhealthy Disconnect

Like Television and computers, it's easy to get caught up for hours, watching TV or playing video games, but what will happen to society if a large chunk of us choose to play around in another realities? This could lead to the isolation of friends, and a disconnect with the real world.


Unless the virtual reality is matching physical obstacles in the real world the simplest dangers are prevalent. Just putting on a headset and walking around could cause the user to trip or break things.


Obviously Virtual Reality (VR) in the hands of everyone is a new branch of VR and there are not any regulations within the government with uncharted territory. Just like on the internet it's easy to hide behind anonymity and wreak havoc.

Motion Sickness/Eyes Issues

It’s very easy to become sick playing with a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, though after time most people will get used to it. It could eventually exclude those who have chronic problems with dizziness and those who have limited eye sight. Just like 3D movies, anyone with loss of eyesight in just one eye won't be able to enjoy the technology. Not only would it exclude those with certain health issues it also could cause some. Using eye devices that are new can be damaging, like the use of computer screens has led to a lot of damage alone and they are a lot more encompassing.

Overall Analysis

Virtual reality (VR) is an amazing concept with amazing potential, with everything there are positive and negative effects, it's all about staying realistic.

In closing, the most logical control of this technology is not something that can be regulated by the government or companies, but it must be done by the individual consumer. A healthy balance and specific use for scenarios that will improve your life physically is the best course of action at the moment. More innovation and problems could be solved or caused with this technology, only time will let us know.


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