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15 Step Guide: Repair Disqus Broken Pages

I wanted to write an article on the disqus comment plugin regarding 404 errors. When rebuilding justaskmelissa.com, the related article section of our disqus plugin had article links that produced either empty pages or navigated the visitor to the wrong page. To fix this problem follow our simple guideline or watch our video.

Step 1

Go to disqus and find the Admin link in the top right hand corner after signing in.

Step 2

Click the community tab located on the header at the top.

Step 3

On the side bar locate the tools section and choose the migration tools option.

Step 4

We are interested in the Start URL Mapper button.

Step 5

Click the blue link labeled: you can download a CSV here.

Step 6

Navigate to your email and download the Disqus CSV File by clicking the blue link.

Step 7

The file will be compressed, so use 7-zip to accomplish the uncompress process.

Step 8

After you uncompress. Go to Google Docs and locate the the menu icon in the top left hand corner.

Step 9

Choose the sheets option, which is the equivalent to microsoft office.

Step 10

Locate and click the grey folder icon, then click the upload tab and drag and drop your disqus csv file from your download folder. Wait for the file to upload and open.

Step 11

At this point the file will be ready for revision. First expand the A rows by moving your cursor in between the A and B column at the top, then once the cursor turns into a left and right arrow icon, you want to double click.


  • Column A will always contain the old links and should NEVER be edited or deleted unless a duplicate exist somewhere else in column A.
  • Column B will contain the corrected path or the same path given column A is correct.
  • If you come across any duplicates in column A, you can just right click on the cell number and click delete row like demonstrated below.

Step 12

Step through all the A column links starting at A1 and make sure each and every link works. Repaired links go in column B right next to the old links in column A.

Step 13

At this point you should have an equal number of A and B links. Now you want to rename the file by locating the drop down menu at the bottom left of the document. Either double click or right click to rename.

Step 14

We’re almost done. With the new file revised and renamed its time to download the file.

Step 15

Last Step! Do the following in order to upload the newly revised csv file correctly to disqus:

  1. Go to disqus
  2. Click Admin link
  3. Click community tab link
  4. Click migration tools
  5. Click Start URL Mapper
  6. Click Choose file and press the next step button once your newly revised file is uploaded.

Alright there you have it! Give disqus 24 hours to apply the changes to its servers and you are good to go. If this helped you please show your support in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.


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