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I decided to write about this to warn consumers about Kirkland products that are sold at Costco. There is a stamp on Kirkland products stating that their products guarantee to meet or exceed the quality standards of the leading national brands. While I haven’t experienced any negative issues with these leading national brands, I have with Kirkland.

A few years ago I bought the Kirkland brand yogurt from Costco and found a black fly in the blueberry flavor. Since the fly was as dark as the blueberries I didn’t see it until I was halfway through eating it. I was very disgusted, and I never bought that brand of yogurt again. When I brought the yogurt back to Costco, with the fly in it, the manager offered a new carton of yogurt. I thought to myself, that’s it! I then said, No thank you, I don’t trust that brand of yogurt and left without being offered a refund.

My family likes pure maple syrup and I usually get it at Trader Joes, but I was doing a big shopping spree and decided to get it at Costco. I didn’t notice that it was made by Kirkland until I got home, but I decided to keep it. I made pancakes the next day, and when my son started pouring the syrup he called my name. When I looked down at his pancakes, I saw that the syrup was moldy. I should have taken pictures, but it was a busy time and I threw it out because Costco’s answer to everything is, We can give you a new one, and I did not want a new one.

Fast forward, I bought almond butter from Costco because it was in a big jar and the price was right. I was with my son, and he warned me about it being by Kirkland, but I figured it was a different product and it would be alright. I have eaten half the jar without any issues until today. I put my butter knife in the jar to scoop out some almond butter to put on my toast, when I discovered there was an object stuck in the almond butter. As I was spreading it on my toast, I noticed it wasn’t a hard lump of almond butter, but rather, to my horror, a hard glass or metal object! This time I videotaped it on my iPhone, and I am going to bring it back to Costco. If they tell me that I can get a new jar, I swear I will scream! Why would I want a new jar from a company that obviously has poor quality control, yet states on their products otherwise? Why does Costco continue to carry Kirkland? Wait, because it’s their signature brand. Who knew?

Almond Butter

I’m writing about this today because Kirkland products are not up to the same quality standards as the leading national brands, nor do they exceed them. I only wrote about the bugs or sharp objects in the products I purchased, but some of the other products I purchased with the Kirkland name have been either stale or spoiled only days after buying them. When I did a google search on the Kirkland brand, I came across one man’s story who purchased their dog food, and I was alarmed. His dog became ill within three days of eating the Kirkland brand dog food and had to be rushed to the emergency hospital for dogs. He filed a complaint with Costco and they gave him a full refund for the dog food, but what about the bill to the emergency facility? I own a dog and know how expensive that trip is; it could have cost thousands. Click here for more stories of the so-called quality products from Kirkland.

Contaminated Object

Be aware before buying products of Costco’s signature brand, Kirkland. It has been reported that animals have died and humans have become ill from some of their products, not to mention what’s happened to me. To read one owner’s story click here. Costco recalled the dog food back in 2012, but I am still seeing complaints as recently as 2015. Maybe it’s just a fluke and only random products have been affected. I am only one consumer; however, I can’t believe that I’m the only person this happens to with Kirkland products. I for one don’t trust their products because there have been too many incidents with a variety of them. Until I have proof that the products live up to the high standards they claim, I won’t be purchasing their products in the future.

Contaminated Object


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