Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia

Working out should be fun not work. At the age of five, I was taking ballet and jazz, and as I grew older I incorporated running, skiing, hiking, aerobics, tennis, and weight training. I get bored easily so I switch from weight training to yoga to body combat. I have learned over the years from my own experience that my body hits a plateau if I do the same exercises over and over. I not only mix up my work outs from running, to weight training to yoga, but I also mix up the time of day that I work out. I have always had a slow metabolism, and it has been a challenge to maintain my slim figure since early in life. When I hit forty, I started to feel bloated all the time, and I want to share my success story with others on how I conquered the symptom.

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Do not believe every miracle solution you see on television or the internet on how to get a flat tummy or lose weight. Dr. Oz does not know everything, and half the products that he recommends did not work for me. The only thing I lost was money out of my pocket. The biggest trend right now for losing weight is Garcinia Cambogia, which was another product that failed to work. When I gave it a bad review, the company reached out and offered to give me another free bottle. If the first bottle did not work, why would I want another full bottle? I started to think maybe all the positive reviews were from individuals who psychologically believed that the product would work. When I started taking it, I expected it to curb my appetite as promised, and it did not. I still had cravings and felt hungry all the time. The only way I found effective to lose weight and keep it off, is by using will power, exercising daily, and staying away from processed foods and drinks.

I stopped taking supplements except my vitamin B12, vitamin E & C, and a probiotic. I cut out all processed foods and eat only fish, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. In the first week of doing so, I noticed my energy level was up, I did not feel tired, and my stomach was no longer bloated! Now whenever I want to go for that cookie, pizza, or ice cream, I look at my flat stomach and I reach for dried fruit or almonds instead. I still eat pizza, but I order the gluten free vegan pizza from Z pizza. It’s delicious! Vegetables don’t have to be unappealing if you prepare them properly. Trader Joes has a whole section of individual salads and healthy meals to choose from. If you really need that desert Mother’s has a variety of individual deserts to choose from that are gluten free and sugar free, and they taste great. Take it from me who loves sugar. Sugar, salt, and cheese were the hardest things to give up, but I found healthy substitutes that are satisfying. If it really is important to you to lose those extra pounds, then believe you can do it, and stop looking for the easy solution. If there is a pill out there that really works to lose weight without giving up carbs and sweets then everyone would be thin. Don’t waste your money on a gimmick, just eat right, exercise regularly, and see results.

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